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What to expect for your first visit

You will be invited to the practice for an initial consultation. In this visit we ask you to fill out a form. This clinic is fully compliant with Data Protection Regultion. Full Data Protection Policy below and available on request.

We will then discuss your previous medical history, and any current health issues you may want to raise. We will then do a physical exam which will include various orthopaedic tests, assessing your posture, range of motion, testing your muscles and assessing your spine. Depending on your presenting complaint some tests may vary from person to person however this will all be explained to you during your visit.

A report of findings (ROF) will then be given to you where your test results will be explained to you and where appropriate, what course of care is recommended. You will receive a first treatment in this session (if clinically warranted and no further tests are required first, including referral to another healthcare professional).

Please allow up to an hour for this session.

Subsequent Visits

Should you require subsequent treatment(s) the frequency and total amount will be dependant upon a number of factors, recommendation of care provided based on the initial consultation, chronicity and severity of your presenting complaint, keeping up with any exercises that may be given to you, eating well and improving lifestyle habits.

You will have regularly reviews done, to ensure you are getting the best outcomes from treatment. 

Where required, you may be referred for further examination-this will be discussed in full at your appointment. 

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