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I met Nutan after my two car accidents. I suffered from back and neck pain. The physiotherapy arranged at GP wasn't bringing expected results. I am impressed with Nutan's professional attitude, analytical skills and cheery personality. I don't feel just like another patient during the appointment, but someone she really wants to help to. She found the reason of pain which was previously neglected by the doctor. Even though the treatment is long, it brings the positive results and I feel much better. Thank you Nutan. Beata

- Beata K: 17th October 2013

I have been a patient of Nutan's for approx. 18 months where she helps keep my back condition under control. The treatment takes place in a very clean and friendly environment. I am always confident that Nutan can help treat my aches and pains with the best professional care that she can provide. I would recommend Nutan to anybody who is looking for a chiropractor.

- 2amr: 5th October 2013

After having a car accident and suffering a whiplash injury that moved into my lower back. I went to see Nutan, not only did she giving me treatment but advice on exercise's to support her treatment. I'm pleased to say I am back teaching yoga. Very professional advice and treatment given.

- Tinh: 1st August 2013

I sought help from Nutan after an accident at work which left me with excruciating pain in my mid back area. I was in a lot of pain and had trouble breathing. After just two treatments with Nutan, I felt much better and the pain was completely alleviated. I reckon I am now more mobile than I was before! An excellent Chiro..thank you Nutan!

- Sarita: 3rd August 2013

I was seeing Nutan for my tennis elbow, lower back pain and ankle problems; she has excellent bedside manner, and is very polite. Nutan has healing hands! Felt at ease being treated by her. Many thanks Nutan!

- Reema J: 7th April 2014

When I came to the clinic 2 weeks ago, I could hardly walk. Pain has now practically gone and i feel 70% better already compared to when I first came. Nutan knows exactly what she is doing and is providing the best treatment for my health. I would recommend anyone with health care problems to visit her.

- Beryl G: 1st June 2013

From my initial consultation I felt guided, informed and in safe hands with Dr Fatania. I have been given step by step guidance and i feel my sports injury has improved. I thoroughly recommend her service and ECC

- Jonathon. W: 8th March 2014

This is my first experience visiting a chiropractic practice. After a thorough assessment I initially attended twice weekly. I was given a few exercises which i carry out daily. I have definitely benefited from this type of therapy. My injury continues to get better and we are now working on another joint problem I have. I hope to continue visiting as a maintenance strategy, on a monthly basis. Nutan is a really lovely young lady, I wouldn't hesitate recommending this treatment at her practice.

- Kerry: 15th March 2014

Nutan Fatania is an absolutely amazing chiropractor! She understands backs inside out and was able to tell me what was wrong with mine after just one consultation. I have struggled with my back for years and have had a number of MRI scans and physio sessions which have all proved futile... each time clinicians telling me different things and advising me to do different exercises. I have even been recommended to have disc replacement surgery. Nutan was able to identify the problem and, although very early days in our treatment, thinks she can help me to fix my back. Nutan is such a nice woman who is incredibly approachable and patient focused. I would recommend her to anyone and look forward to our next session greatly.

- Beth. M

Excellent Chiropractic treatment by Ms. Nutan Fatania. Massive relief in several pain spots thanks to her sciatica treatment. Immediate boost of mobility and therefore quality of life with just 2 sessions. I just wish I had known about her before! -London practice

- Alejandro. S

Warm and insightful. My experience at Emerald was warm and insightful. Dr Fatania delivered a professional service, providing a thorough check and lots of helpful tips! My neck feels a whole lot better and I shall return to complete my full treatment. Thank you!

- Meera.P: 13th May 2015

The treatment was effective and interesting, using both traditional techniques and more modern aids. And overall, a great service; Dr Fatania was very professional and informative, giving a lot of helpful advice. Would recommend to others, Thanks very much.

- Matt. C: 2nd February 2016

Couldn't recommend it enough! Best birthday present my husband bought me! I've suffered with back problems for over a decade including four pregnancies, two epidurals (once which damaged my nerves leaving me numb still for a year on with shooting pains down my sides-doesn't happen at all now!!) and a car accident which physiotherapy couldn't fix.. I now feel so much better the difference is unreal! I could barely touch my knees and now I can touch my toes! I look forward to every session I have it's not like an appointment it's more like visiting a friend who cures my back pain! I had no movement in my lower and middle back and my neck was stiff, just one month on and the difference is incredible! Friendly, professional service with a beautiful smile! I leave feeling refreshed, and fully cared for! Everything is explained in a way I can fully understand, and I feel very supported with my recovery from many years of pain on a daily basis! I am very grateful to have found a cure for my pain! Thank you so much :)

- Joanne.D: 11th February 2016

I have had chiropractic treatment several times over the years and for me it is the only treatment that helps with my problem. Nutan was very welcoming, friendly and professional. I have had several treatments now and have been very happy with the care I have received. Would highly recommend

- Anonymous: 8th April 2016

Fantastic! I could barely touch my knees now I can touch my toes! Had horrendous pain for years, including damaged nerves from a botched epidural, no pain at all now! And I'm taller somehow lol! So friendly too she's lovely! Can't recommend enough!

- Anonymous: 25th March 2016

Thank you for an excellent adjustment. Really helped my back!

- Anonymous: 12th December 2016

Very professional yet friendly! But most important of all, the 30 minute session helped a lot. Definitely going back for more sessions

- Anonymous: 14th October 2016

Fantastic service. Very professional and did the job! Recommended friends and family and the service was consistently high for them too.

- Alan.H: 1st November 2015

Shoulder injury , lower back pain , ankle problems, I have a phisical job and phisical lifestyle in general , I have seen various clinics over the past seven years and emeral chiropractic care is like winning the lottery . In general , she helps eleviate symptoms and assists with general recovery from injuries , I am confident that she will get me back to full health and really glad emeral chiropractic care is the clinic I have chosen The clinic is clean , easy to get to and plenty of parking . She is professional and explains in detail what is causing the various symptoms that I suffer from with the use of visual aids . She is clear and well spoke at all times and has exceptional knowledge of human anatomy , the best way I can describe her is , say our bodies are cars and obviously cars need repairing and servicing , well she Is the Ferrari of garages without the high cost !!!!! And her pricing is value for money thank u emerald chiropractic care

- G. Singh: 20th June 2016

I suffered from intensive arthritis in my leg and I was recommended by a friend who had been attending Emerald Chiropractic Care, to come and see a chiropractor. Once I has registered my self, I met Nutan Fatania who was going to be my chiropractor for my treatment. Nutan Fatania is a very pleasant young lady who I felt very comfortable with when I was undergoing my treatment.She was very understanding and she was very gentle when she was doing the treatment. After the whole treatment I have felt less pain in my leg, and I feel a lot better and I will definitely be recommending her to my friends and family.

- B. Shukla

"I left my Chiropractor Consultation feeling elated and positive my pain would ease" 5 Stars ""Shoulder and middle back pain, left side" Treatment was fully explained so I understood everything and why certain movements were being explored. A fully comprehensive session where I felt at ease and completely in safe hands. The manipulation was delicate but effective and lots of information given on stretches and salt baths in between my next session. Full history taken too which explained why I have been having lots of other problems, which I didn't realise we're connected to my spine. I left feeling elated and positive my pain would ease. Nutan is a professional with great social and people skills and after only one session, I feel like a new person. So glad I booked here! The reason I booked at the Emerald clinic is due to Nutan's concern about my enquiry, whereas other clinics simply told me which appointments they had. Nutan expressed concern about the tiger balm I was using and told me immediately to change to an ice pack on and off every ten minutes. This was before I had even booked an appointment! The ice pack really helped and she answered more questions I had about pain relief drugs and gels and was a complete joy to meet. A wonderful clinic with very competitive fees. Going back next week for more fixing and can't wait!"

- Leanne.C: 4th September 2016

I have had problems with my lower back for years and having been to see and receive treatment from Nutan it has improved immensely. She is still giving me ongoing treatments due to me suffering for so many years previous to seeking help, but I am on the right road to recovery and is still with me during my pregnancy. The service is amazing!

- Emma. A: 30th March 2014

I was extremely pleased with the results. I could see the immediate effects and the practitioner talked me through how to maintain and continue to improve my posture. Well worth a few visits, you will not be disappointed with Dr Fatania's patient manner and knowledge.

- Janki. P: 12th May 2015

Amazing... very happy with advice and treatment.

- Nadia.R: 2nd February 2017

Good polite service

- Richard.B: 12th February 2017

She's very thorough and caring. She has visited my Mum and made a big difference. I have used my Groupon today, put my trust in her and walked out with a better posture and outlook on my health in general. :) better than hospital physio and give her ten stars!

- Mon.I: 30th March 2017

Very helpful, good location, friendly service

- Jay.V: 6th April 2017

Amazing- located issue and treated well. With follow up care advice. Thank you

- James.N: 18th June 2017

I arranged an appointment very quickly, and a day or two after the first of three appointments, I'm feeling very much better. Almost free of pain. Can't ask much more than this.

- Daniel.L: 22nd June 2017

I am very happy with the service. The chiropractor explained everything she seems very knowledgable. Very calm atmosphere.

- Dana.P: 6th July 2017

Very professional.

- Michaela.A: 30th July 2017

Very happy with my experience, professional and thorough examination then treatment.

- Gavin.B: 11th August 2017

Very professional and very quickly identified my neck/back issues. Felt the benefit after just one session. Would highly recommend.

- Trish.Z: 15th September 2017

Very professional explained everything she was doing and why, definitely would go back

- Bridget.S: 29th September 2017


- Alan: 22nd November 2017

I bought as a gift and though I never used the service myself I was told she was absolutely lovely. Very kind and professional and he felt the difference in his back right away. Would definitely recommend

- Mariya: 17th June 2018

Friendly very thorough and explained my back issues helped my pain first session and now after 25 years of pain I'm feeling better and on the mend

- Mitchell: 1st November 2019

Back pain, sciatica, neck pain all problem I had. So happy to say that Dr. Nutan is brilliant, solved my all problems. Loved all her exercises for Neck and Sciatica. Would highly recommend her.

- Bharati T: 9th February 2021

I have been working with Nutan for around two years now. In that time she has helped me immeasurably. She is excellent at what she does. She is friendly and welcoming, and puts you at ease. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

- Marc S: 24th February 2021

I visited Nutan for the first time in 2016 and had a few sessions with her, she was brilliant, professional and very knowledgeable. Introduced my husband and he visited her also in 2016. I then went back in 2021 after having a baby, for some more treatment and she still remembered me which made me feel relaxed. She is truly a star, always giving me tips to improve my body strength and very friendly while remaining professional. My pain is much better, all thanks to her. I will recommend her to everyone, young, old, pregnant or just unsure about your pains. She will sign post you to the right place if unsure. Brilliant chiropractor! Thank you Nutan.

- Trinity O: 8th April 2021

After being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in November, I struggled to do the simplest of tasks due to the pain. I was in need of a chiropractic services which is when I found this place online. From then on Nutan Fatania has gone above and beyond in helping me cope with the pain and allow me to enjoy myself to the fullest without worrying about the pain. I can't thank everyone at the Chiropractic clinic enough for their hard work especially Nutan Fatania. Many thanks again.

- Marjanah H: 15th March 2021

I have nothing but great things to say I couldn’t stand up straight and after 3 visits and a few excercises and I was able to gain more mobility and able to go back to work I now go back to this clinic for regular check ups, my chiropractor nutan is wonderful she makes it feel less like an appointment and more like a catch up with an old friend

- Henry M: 10th April 2021

This is the best Chiropractic Clinic that you’ll find, so if you want experienced trusted professionals, an accurate assessment, honest advice, excellent, safe and caring treatment tailored to your specific needs, look no further. This is a glowing review because I want to pass on my recommendation to everyone who struggles with back pain, joint problems, neck and arm pain, the list is endless but the help is available. You will be treated with respect and kindness, but most importantly you’ll be in the hands of the best. We have to get our cars MOT’d and we fork out on our vehicles to keep us mobile and yet most of us don’t invest in getting ourselves MOT’d. Pinner Chiropratic Clinic is an excellent place to book yourself in and get the service that you deserve.

- Joan: 15th January 2021

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