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  • Expert diagnosis, treatment and advice

    Expert diagnosis, treatment and advice

  • Bespoke rehabilitation and lifestyle advice for every patient

    Bespoke rehabilitation and lifestyle advice for every patient

  • Leading specialists in treatment for neck, back and joint pain

    Leading specialists in treatment for neck, back and joint pain

  • Safe and effective chiropractic care for all the family

    Safe and effective chiropractic care for all the family

  • Wellbeing treatments aiming to get you back to a happier, healthier you

    Wellbeing treatments aiming to get you back to a happier, healthier you

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Welcome to Emerald Chiropractic Care


At Emerald Chiropractic Care our chiropractor specialises in diagnosis, management and prevention of musculo-skeletal conditions, ranging from neck pain to ankle pain.


Chiropractor in Hertfordshire, Bushey

This practice tailors to whole family care, taking place in a homely practice in Bushey Heath WD23 4QR. Treatments include a range of techniques including mobilisations, massge techniques, manipulations and many more; some or all techniques may be utilised depending on your current compalint and post a consultation, where treatment options will be discussed with you. 


 Some of the treatment techniques used include:

-Chiropractic adjustments
-Massage techniques
-Trigger point work


Our Mission

Emerald Chiropractic is set out to providing a tailored plan of management for your musculoskeletal complaint. We will incorporate various stages of recovery including, symptomatic relief, rehabilitation and preventative care and advice.



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Friendly very thorough and explained my back issues helped my pain first session and now after 25 years of pain I'm feeling better and on the mend

- Mitchell: 1st November 2019

I bought as a gift and though I never used the service myself I was told she was absolutely lovely. Very kind and professional and he felt the difference in his back right away. Wo…

- Mariya: 17th June 2018


- Alan: 22nd November 2017

Very professional explained everything she was doing and why, definitely would go back

- Bridget.S: 29th September 2017

Very professional and very quickly identified my neck/back issues. Felt the benefit after just one session. Would highly recommend.

- Trish.Z: 15th September 2017

Very happy with my experience, professional and thorough examination then treatment.

- Gavin.B: 11th August 2017

Very professional.

- Michaela.A: 30th July 2017

I am very happy with the service. The chiropractor explained everything she seems very knowledgable. Very calm atmosphere.

- Dana.P: 6th July 2017

I arranged an appointment very quickly, and a day or two after the first of three appointments, I'm feeling very much better. Almost free of pain. Can't ask much more than this.

- Daniel.L: 22nd June 2017

Amazing- located issue and treated well. With follow up care advice. Thank you

- James.N: 18th June 2017

Very helpful, good location, friendly service

- Jay.V: 6th April 2017

She's very thorough and caring. She has visited my Mum and made a big difference. I have used my Groupon today, put my trust in her and walked out with a better posture and outlook…

- Mon.I: 30th March 2017

Good polite service

- Richard.B: 12th February 2017

Amazing... very happy with advice and treatment.

- Nadia.R: 2nd February 2017

I was extremely pleased with the results. I could see the immediate effects and the practitioner talked me through how to maintain and continue to improve my posture. Well worth a …

- Janki. P: 12th May 2015

I have had problems with my lower back for years and having been to see and receive treatment from Nutan it has improved immensely. She is still giving me ongoing treatments due to…

- Emma. A: 30th March 2014

"I left my Chiropractor Consultation feeling elated and positive my pain would ease" 5 Stars ""Shoulder and middle back pain, left side" Treatment was fully explained so I u…

- Leanne.C: 4th September 2016

I suffered from intensive arthritis in my leg and I was recommended by a friend who had been attending Emerald Chiropractic Care, to come and see a chiropractor. Once I has registe…

- B. Shukla

Shoulder injury , lower back pain , ankle problems, I have a phisical job and phisical lifestyle in general , I have seen various clinics over the past seven years and emeral chiro…

- G. Singh: 20th June 2016

Fantastic service. Very professional and did the job! Recommended friends and family and the service was consistently high for them too.

- Alan.H: 1st November 2015

Very professional yet friendly! But most important of all, the 30 minute session helped a lot. Definitely going back for more sessions

- Anonymous: 14th October 2016

Thank you for an excellent adjustment. Really helped my back!

- Anonymous: 12th December 2016

Fantastic! I could barely touch my knees now I can touch my toes! Had horrendous pain for years, including damaged nerves from a botched epidural, no pain at all now! And I'm talle…

- Anonymous: 25th March 2016

I have had chiropractic treatment several times over the years and for me it is the only treatment that helps with my problem. Nutan was very welcoming, friendly and professional. …

- Anonymous: 8th April 2016

Couldn't recommend it enough! Best birthday present my husband bought me! I've suffered with back problems for over a decade including four pregnancies, two epidurals (once which d…

- Joanne.D: 11th February 2016

The treatment was effective and interesting, using both traditional techniques and more modern aids. And overall, a great service; Dr Fatania was very professional and informative,…

- Matt. C: 2nd February 2016

Warm and insightful. My experience at Emerald was warm and insightful. Dr Fatania delivered a professional service, providing a thorough check and lots of helpful tips! My neck fe…

- Meera.P: 13th May 2015

Excellent Chiropractic treatment by Ms. Nutan Fatania. Massive relief in several pain spots thanks to her sciatica treatment. Immediate boost of mobility and therefore quality of l…

- Alejandro. S

Nutan Fatania is an absolutely amazing chiropractor! She understands backs inside out and was able to tell me what was wrong with mine after just one consultation. I have struggled…

- Beth. M

This is my first experience visiting a chiropractic practice. After a thorough assessment I initially attended twice weekly. I was given a few exercises which i carry out daily. I …

- Kerry: 15th March 2014

From my initial consultation I felt guided, informed and in safe hands with Dr Fatania. I have been given step by step guidance and i feel my sports injury has improved. I thorough…

- Jonathon. W: 8th March 2014

When I came to the clinic 2 weeks ago, I could hardly walk. Pain has now practically gone and i feel 70% better already compared to when I first came. Nutan knows exactly what she …

- Beryl G: 1st June 2013

I was seeing Nutan for my tennis elbow, lower back pain and ankle problems; she has excellent bedside manner, and is very polite. Nutan has healing hands! Felt at ease being treate…

- Reema J: 7th April 2014

I sought help from Nutan after an accident at work which left me with excruciating pain in my mid back area. I was in a lot of pain and had trouble breathing. After just two treatm…

- Sarita: 3rd August 2013

After having a car accident and suffering a whiplash injury that moved into my lower back. I went to see Nutan, not only did she giving me treatment but advice on exercise's to sup…

- Tinh: 1st August 2013

I have been a patient of Nutan's for approx. 18 months where she helps keep my back condition under control. The treatment takes place in a very clean and friendly environment. I a…

- 2amr: 5th October 2013

I met Nutan after my two car accidents. I suffered from back and neck pain. The physiotherapy arranged at GP wasn't bringing expected results. I am impressed with Nutan's professio…

- Beata K: 17th October 2013

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